MVIS Mining Pool

Proud Supporter of Pure Mined 0xBitcoin

Minting : 0x7d3ebd2b56651d164fc36180050e9f6f7b890e9d

Payments : 0x27b9e289251bf21ecb0e2b6359afa173452a6d85

0xBitcoin Mining Has Ended!

The smart contract vulnerability previously discovered has been exploited. No new tokens can be minted.

Your existing tokens however, are safe. You will always be able to trade them, transfer them, bridge them to any of the existing L2s, use them in dApps, or do whatever else you can do with ERC20 tokens.

The RPC and Stratum endpoints have been deactivated. Please shut down your mining rigs and point them to other crypto projects.

Please see the Discord announcement for all the details.

Mining address: xxxxx
Payouts: ETH Mainnet or Polygon